CZECH OPEN NATIONALS 2017 (pre-WGC competition for WGC2018)

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CZECH OPEN NATIONALS 2017 (pre-WGC competition for WGC2018)

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Let me ask you to spread among your pilots information about CZECH OPEN NATIONALS 2017 (pre-WGC competition for WGC2018) which will be held this year at the Pribram airfield, Czech Republic.
It will be great opportunity for all your pilots to fly in the place where worlds will be for the first time and to get them ready for 35th WGC 2018 in 18M, 20M and OPEN class next year.

Pribram is situated about 60km SW of Prague in the area with very good thermal conditions. The competition area will include part of Germany, Austria and Poland.
The terrain orography variate from almost flat areas over highland to mountains ridges with tops over 1200m but still with many places for safe outlanding.

Please visit for more information

And please remind to all your best women pilots that there is still open registration for the WWGC2017 held at the Zbraslavice airfield in May/June this year. See

Thanks and regards
Tomas Rendla