DIY variometri ja kartallinen 7" lentotietsikka 460 EUR

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DIY variometri ja kartallinen 7" lentotietsikka 460 EUR

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Tiedoksi oman purtsikan omistajille, joilla ei ole tekniikkkakammoa (ja kolvi pysyy kädessä ja C ohjelmointi on hanskassa)

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Lähettäjä: Andreas K. Wasserbauer (Edit: e-mail address removed)

Dear XCSoar developers,

First of all: Apologies for hijacking the list. I hope it's ok, since this is somewhat related to XCSoar (and its developers).

As some of might know there is an "Openvario"-Project that aims to build an open source flight computer running XCSoar. After a lot of work (and 3 prototypes) we feel that our device is now mature enough to go into beta testing: We will therefore build a dozen (or so) prototypes, however we don't want to go fully public yet, since the less tech savvy builder might not be aware of the fact, that while the device looks quite hardened, it's still far from being a product, and get frustrated with the Vario, which might cause more damage than benefit to the overall project. Since the XCSoar developers clearly don't fall into this category, we thought that if there is interest in participating in the beta-testing of our device, it would be a good match.

So if anybody would like to get such a device, please contact me, I will give you access to the openvario redmine system, so you can have a look whether you want to take the risk to build an instance of our half baked solution. The components will be about 460 Euros (assuming a batch of 10 devices). This includes housing, a 7 inch display, sensorboard with gyros, accelerometer, magnetometer (3 axis each). 2x absolute pressure, 1x differential pressure, a cubieboard (running XCSoar), and a communication board (4x serial ports). I attached some images.

Disclaimer: Openvario is a purely non-commercial project, all sources (HW description, CAD files, Software) will be released under GPL(v3), once the system is hardened. If you don't mind the bleeding edge, you can have access to the files anytime.

Since no one of us wants to make money with this project (as if we could), I hope this doesn't qualify as an advertisment.
If you feel it does, please ignore it, I won't bother the list with this anymore.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Re: DIY variometri ja kartallinen 7" lentotietsikka 460 EUR

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Voisitko laittaa niitä kuvia tännekin?

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