LS --> DG?

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LS --> DG?

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DG ja LS yhdistyvät?

Teemu (tm)

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Re: LS --> DG?

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ttmy kirjoitti:Oho?

DG ja LS yhdistyvät?

Teemu (tm)
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Ja taitaa olla niin, että vaikka puhutaan yhdistymisestä ja yhteistyöstä, käytännössä DG on ostanut LS:n ja siirtää tuotannonkin muualle, Sloveniaan?

Alla tiedotteen teksti sieltä DG:n sivulta.

DG Flugzeugbau (Bruchsal, Germany) and LS Flugzugbau (Egelsbach, Germany) are joining their forces under the leadership of DG Flugzeugbau in response to the continuous economic difficulties for the civil aviation industry.

This will not affect the existing base of approximately 3000 LS customers worldwide. They will continue receiving original spare parts and high quality service out of the DG factory in Bruchsal.

The production of LS airplanes will continue, in particular the LS8 in all current variants. Also, flight testing and certification of the new LS10 will continue. Further, DG Flugzeugbau guarantees to honor all existing down payments and options on new LS airplanes orders.

The facility in Egelsbach will be closed and its operations relocated. Some important LS employees will join the team of DG Flugzeugbau to continue the care of the LS product family and to stay in close contact with its customer base.

This cooperation will protect the investment of current LS aircraft owners, since further production and development remains in the competent hands of a leading German aircraft manufacturer. Further details and updates on the cooperation can be found at our website.

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