Koneita kadoksissa Tanskanmaalla

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Koneita kadoksissa Tanskanmaalla

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Please distribute this message world wide – thanks.

Dear aviation friends,

Between Monday 31st of October and Thursday November 2nd – 6 different gliders are missing from storage in Aviator Gliding Club in Jutland, Denmark.:

Duo Discus T (OY-RAX)
LS6 18w (OY-XRG)
DG 400 (OY-XPD)
Pegase (OY-RGX)

The glider has been removed from their transport trailers, and it appears they are transported by road in one or more trucks/lorries. This is devastating for a gliding club run by volunteers, so please help them recover their planes.
If you have any knowledge about this, please contact Mr. Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen – Chairmanof the board for AVIATOR – Aalborg Svæveflyveklub.

Mobile: +45 4055 2424

Kind Regards

Tonny Henriksen

Secretary General
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Re: Koneita kadoksissa Tanskanmaalla

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http://www.segelflug.de/osclass/index.p ... m&id=22184

varastettu LS-6-18W on jo myynnissä Prahan suunnalla.
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